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Female Erasure

What You Need To Know About Gender Politics' War On Women, the Female Sex and Human Rights

Female Erasure is unique anthology is a dynamic collection of diverse voices speaking out against gender identity politics, exposing the origins and harmful effects of transgender ideology on the lives of women and children today as a continuation of female erasure and silencing. This anthology comes at a time when gender identity politics and profits from an emerging medical transgenderism industry for children, teens, and adults inhibit our ability to have meaningful discussions about sex, gender, changing laws that have provided sex-based protections for women and girls, and the re-framing of language referring to females as a distinct biological class.

"By shining the spotlight on sex and gender politics today, we demonstrate the continuation of female erasure, as old as the creation of patriarchy. We invite you to eat of the forbidden fruit of knowledge, and with this knowledge have the courage to speak out, be visible, and take action."

     - Ruth Barrett

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Here are some great READER REVIEWS

“You awakened my soul, helped me to see what it means to be a woman in this regressive world. We stand united to fight as sisters and warriors of the world!”


“So even if you dislike feminism or if you are not left-wing, this is a great anthology of people standing up for our essential freedom. The writers are telling "PC culture" to go kick rocks in a way that is truly stunning and brave.”

“It did spark a heated discussion with my libfem friend who teaches Gender/Women's Studies, to whom I had sent a copy! Such an important text.”


“This is a much-needed anthology of women's writing addressing what cultural concepts evolving around gender are doing to women's rights and protections.”


“Read this book for a thorough analysis of how the gender identity movement is part of the global war on women.”


“Not since Charles Mackay's Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds has a book more important than Female Erasure been written about the phenomenon of collective insanity. Barrett brings together medical, psychological, linguistic, theological, legal, historical, and poetic voices to analyze the transgender delusion, and the combination is stunning. Reading this documentation of ways in which the flesh-and-blood female experience is being erased by widespread acceptance of delusional thinking, one comes to understand that "the war on women" is not a rhetorical phrase; it is a life-destroying reality. Academic insights are hammered home with stories from women's lives. In fact, I recommend starting to read the book with Chapter 8, entitled "Female Erasure: A Sampler." No woman on the planet has escaped all the erasures that Park describes. Read this book. Especially if you are the parent of a minor child, read it.”


“Those who are teachers in higher education have long bemoaned declining critical thinking skills in our students - and current identity politics have worsened these concerns. Discussing the rise of cultural narcissism and the decline of civil discourse in an ongoing feminist backlash is a delicate matter. This anthology re-centers universal human rights, feminism, and biological diversity as primary concerns, and does so with a montage (and a visually appealing cover) that can engage different kinds of learners."

"Academic culture has become increasingly incapable of critically addressing a variety of social realities (such as rape culture, homophobia, male violence, and sexual exploitation). I think this is due to the enormous confusion engendered by valuing identity over biology, mental constructs over political realities, and postmodernism over important early histories."


"This book will be a welcome challenge for anyone who is committed to universal human rights and social justice, yet concerned about the rise of special interests that seem intent on outlawing intellectualism. We're at the point of silencing dissent & debate about the impact of identity politics on sexual equality - and anthologies such as this one are much needed for provoking new conversations. I will be adding to my supplementary reading list for secular students and colleagues.”


“This book is amazing, and I strongly encourage every woman and girl reading this to get a copy. I have learned a lot of important information through this book regarding female history, female-focused spirituality (and I am not of essence a spiritual person), biology, political organizations and infrastructures, experiences from other women and physicians, the environment, anthropology, capitalism, etc."

"This book not only explores and critiques the subject of gender and transgenderism, but also offers knowledge on the topics I listed above and the female erasure (and contributions) within these fields and time periods.”

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